Urfi Javed wears a cute outfit made of plush toys that Neha Dhupia "Wants" as well.
Urfi Javed wears a cute outfit made of plush toys that Neha Dhupia

Star Urfi Javed is well known for her unique fashion sense. Her distinctive dress continues to grab attention, and there are several images and videos of her on social media. Urfi arrived dressed in a variety of odd outfits. However, it's different this time. The princess chose a lime green dress and a jacket made out of bouncy toys to complete her ensemble. Yes, you heard correctly.

Neha Dhupia commented on the post, “Want!!” and added in another comment, “The cutest thing ever!!!” Many on Instagram also praised the outfit. A person wrote, “Finally something to appreciate her for.” Another wrote, “Today she is looking cutest.” One more wrote, “Omg so cute want one.” A person rated it “5 star” while another commented, "Urfi ka aaj ka outfit amazing."

Her videos and photographs became viral, and admirers and internet users bombarded her with comments and praise. Actress and mother of two Neha Dhupia also remarked on her attire. The cutest thing ever, she wrote. 'Want' was another comment made by her. Someone else wrote an article praising her designer., “Her team must be the most hardworking designers. When we think this is the ultimate they shut us off and beat their own designs each time. Though her outfits are mostly ridiculed and not favorites, the brain behind those deserve to be recognized for thinking weirdly out of the box.”

Although Uorfi receives a lot of flak for her clothes, many people admire her for having the confidence to wear them well. Kareena Kapoor complimented her on her self-assurance and said:, "Fashion is all about expression and freedom of speech. I think that the confidence with which she pulls it off, I think she looks really cool and amazing. The fact that she does exactly as she wants, that's what fashion is all about - when you are comfortable in your own skin and do exactly as you, please. I just love the confidence. I am a confident girl so I am all for confidence. I just love her confidence and the way she walks. Hats off."

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