America gives a big blow to Cuba, bans this powerful man
America gives a big blow to Cuba, bans this powerful man

America continues to make headlines by attacking Baghdad. Recently, the US has banned Cuban defense chief General Leopoldo Sintra Frias. After this ban, both Frias and his children will not be able to enter America. The US State Department says that General Frias has violated human rights by supporting the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

In his statement, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said, "The Head of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba (MINFAR), General Frias, is responsible for obstructing the action of overthrowing the leftist government of President Maduro."

For your information, let us tell you  that MINFAR is involved in widespread human rights violations in Venezuela, including cruelty, inhuman treatment, punishment and harassment of Venezuelans who speak out against Maduro. Destroying democracy in Venezuela by intimidating people is the goal of the MINFAR and the Cuban government.

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