US claims a failed rocket attack was directed at its troops in Syria
US claims a failed rocket attack was directed at its troops in Syria

Washington: The US military reported late on Saturday that unidentified attackers launched a rocket at a compound in Syria where US troops and local allies were stationed, but no injuries or property damage were reported as a result.
The military claimed in a brief statement that nothing inside the US compound at Rumalyn Landing Zone in northeast Syria was hit by the 107 mm rocket.

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The US military's Central Command, which is in charge of commanding US forces in the Middle East, reported that "additional rockets were found at the launch site."
Whom Central Command thought might be in charge of the botched attack was not disclosed.

It happened just two days after a rare US helicopter raid on a government-held village in northeastern Syria on Thursday resulted in the death of a Daesh militant, and just hours later, another US air strike killed two additional militants.

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During the Obama administration's campaign against Daesh, US forces entered Syria for the first time in cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led organisation. The majority of the 900 US troops in Syria are located in the country's east.

Nevertheless, Washington has laid the blame for recent assaults on American troops on militias supported by Iran. While supporting President Bashar Assad during the civil war in Syria, those Iranian-backed forces gained a foothold there.

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