This special car is included in Donald Trump's convoy
This special car is included in Donald Trump's convoy

In the coming day, US President Donald Trump is going to visit India, before this tour, his fleet of vehicles has reached Agra. Which also includes his special car 'The Beast'. The vehicle is valued at Rs 10 crore by Trump and the manufacturer of this car is General Motors. The special thing is that this car has an 8,000 cc engine, which gives a power of 800 bhp. On the other hand, this car is no less than a tank in terms of safety. The doors of this car are eight inches thick and as heavy as the cabin doors of the Boeing 747. The car doors are sealed up to 100 percent. The body of this car uses steel, titanium, aluminum and ceramic, which makes it extremely strong. Even this car can pass through the flames.

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In terms of security, many special features have been given in it. The windows of this car are made of five layers of glass polycarbonate, which make it bulletproof. Only the glass on the driver side window can be lowered to three inches. At the same time, the driver of the car has direct contact with the trekking center. There is a separate cabin for the driver so that he cannot see the activities of the President. The job of driving this car is only with the trained servants of the Secret Service, who can turn the car up to 180 degrees at a high speed if needed. The White House is believed to have 12 copies of Cadillac. This car has a Presidential compartment at the back, whose partition is made of glass and only the President can remove it. His seat has a satellite phone connected to the Pentagon and the Vice President.

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