US recognises economic reasoning behind India buying Russian oil
US recognises economic reasoning behind India buying Russian oil

US President Joe Biden's spokesperson Jen Psaki said, the US may demonstrate understanding of India's ambitions to buy inexpensive oil from Russia for economic reasons.

On Friday, she was asked about it at her daily briefing "While the United States has prohibited Russian oil imports, she claims that "every country has not made that decision." We recognise this, and other countries, including several in Europe, have distinct economic reasons for doing so "..She said that US officials have communicated with "Indian leaders at a variety of levels," but that Biden has not done so.

A senior US delegation led by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland will begin a tour of South Asia on Saturday, during which it will meet with Indian officials.

"What we'd project or convey to everyone throughout the world is that the world, the rest of the world, is watching where you're going to stand on conflict, whether it's support for Russia in any form," she said.

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