US troops came for special training in India
US troops came for special training in India

Hyderabad: An elite group of Military forces from the first Battalion of The United States are in Hyderabad for special training for conflict prevention and crisis management. Alongside the Indian National Security Guard (NSG), the US troop is experiencing joint activities at the Southern Regional Center (SRC) in Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad.

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The training is found out to be critical to the US Special Operations Forces, as the soldiers are as yet figuring out how to successfully work with Indian partners in new climatic conditions. The US military is working with India to support interoperability, prevent conflict, build partner capacity, and to advance territorial strength throughout the Indo-Pacific region. The training anticipated mutual defense activities so both the countries can adequately utilize forces and help each other in case of emergencies that may imperil public health and safety.

"The Hyderabad exercise will help assemble interoperability and comradeship between the two powers and is intended to upgrade the capabilities of both, the Indian and the US military. The US-India security partnership is strong, and becoming stronger," said the U.S. Consul General Katherine Hadda.

"This Special Forces practice in Hyderabad further advances our nations' operational coordination, and it will clearly benefit both our countries," the consul general added. The US considers India as its Major Defense Partner. Also, Hyderabad has turned into a center of US-Indian defense manufacturing including joint-adventure offices, innovation centers, and skills-development capacity.

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