VIDEO:Bear surprised people by doing this thing in Zoo

Aug 18 2019 01:39 PM
VIDEO:Bear surprised people by doing this thing in Zoo

Akron Ju, from Ohio, U.S.A., has seen something that has shocked everyone. Beer is seen dancing to the bear here. People have believed that the bear was scratching its back from the wall. According to News 5 Cleveland news, the beer is said to be named Chen. who has become a hero on social media. What's more, she is seen scratching her body from the glass on camera.

You can see that in the viral video it can be clearly seen that Chenne was dancing. However, it turns out that he was scratching his body with the support of the wall. It was also reported by many viewers that it was just like the character Ballu of Jungle Book, acting exactly the same way.

According to media reports, the video was shared on Friday last week and so far a number of comments have appeared on the video. According to ABC News, 'the bears keep rubbing their bodies against trees and the ground to mark their territory and find a partner.'

Watch the video here...


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