These mini packets which come with New products are very handy!

Aug 06 2019 01:55 PM
These mini packets which come with New products are very handy!

You may have noticed that if you buy clothes, water bottles or other food items, the cans often have a small white packet. These packets are written on "DO NOT EAT". Sometimes you understand it as poison but tell you, there is nothing like it. Let us know about this packet.

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Why these small packets are kept:

Files and important documents are very special documents for everyone, so you can keep them protected with silica gel to protect them from sealing or moisture.

You can also use silica to protect iron or electronic salmon from corrosion, so you need to keep the packets with these products.

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If your mobile falls into the water, immediately remove your mobile battery and wipe it out and place it with silica in a packet. This will drain the moisture on your phone's battery.

If the photographs on your old photo album are damaged or damaged, place the silica pouch in your photo album to prevent it.

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