Muslim mob pelts stones at Hindus dancing on DJ on Holi, video of the incident went viral
Muslim mob pelts stones at Hindus dancing on DJ on Holi, video of the incident went viral

Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, the terror of fundamentalists on the occasion of Holi in the Amroha district has been witnessed. In fact, here in Holi, the DJ was playing and people were swaying in fun. In the meantime, some people of radical mentality pelted stones. Two persons named Aadesh and Bunty are reported to have been injured due to stone-pelting. The whole controversy started after the insistence of closing the DJ ringing in Holi during the Jumei prayers.



The police have taken action in this case and have so far arrested 3 accused. The video of the incident is also going viral on social media. Based on this footage, the police have identified the rest of the accused and are on the lookout for them. The incident took place on March 18 (Friday). According to media reports, the case pertains to Mohalla Chhanga Darwaza in the Amroha Kotwali area. According to the population, this area is considered to be a mixed area of Hindu-Muslim. There is a temple and Dharamshala of the Hindu community here and a mosque is located at a short distance. At around 1.30 pm on the day of Holi, people from the Hindu community who were playing Abir-Gulal were also dancing on the DJ. During this time, the Namazis who arrived for the Jumei prayer asked to close the DJ.



When the people playing Holi refused to close the DJ, the matter escalated to a debate. Shortly afterwards, clashes broke out between the two sides. During this time, one side climbed onto the rooftops and started pelting stones. Two youths who were playing Holi were injured in stone-pelting. During this time, someone made a video of this incident of stone-pelting and put it on social media. Soon, the police arrived and took over the situation. A heavy police force has been deployed at the spot. There is peace at the scene at the moment. In another video going viral about the same incident, stone pelting is also seen in the streets along with the roofs. According to the wife of the youth who was injured in the stone-pelting, "There was a song going on on the DJ - if you come, it is the yogi. Then all the Muslims came from behind. Then my husband was injured and he got blood. They (Muslims) pelted a lot of stones. There are stones up to our house.''

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