Biryani shop in place of Ram Janki temple, land is in the name of temple in government records

Lucknow: A shocking case has come to light from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. In the official records, the place which is recorded as Ram-Janaki Temple, today the restaurant of Biryani is running there. This has come to light during the search for enemy properties. According to reports, the place is at Dr Beri Chauraha in Baconganj, Kanpur. Building No. 99/14A belongs to the Ram-Janaki Temple Trust in the records. There used to be a temple of Lord Shriram here. It is said that till the eighties, people used to worship here. But now only a part of the temple remains and that too is in a shambles. Other parts of the temple are being demolished and used as a kitchen of the restaurant.

The person who runs the restaurant says that he had bought the property from Abid Rahman. According to the report, Abid Rahman had moved to Pakistan in 1962, where his family was already living. In 1982, Abid sold the place to Mukhtar Baba, who runs a bicycle repair shop on the temple premises. Mukhtar's son Mahmood Umar says he has all the necessary documents related to it and will soon respond to the administration's notice. It is also being told that the 18 shops of Hindus in front of the temple trust to build the restaurant were also demolished one by one.

Media reports quoted enemy property in charge and SDM-7 Deepak Pal as saying that he had received a complaint in September-October last year regarding the place. The SDM's investigation revealed that a man named Ishaq Baba was the caretaker of this temple. Later, his son Mukhtar Baba started running a bicycle repair and puncture shop here. Chief Supervisor and Advisor of the Enemy Property Custodian's Office Col. Sanjay Saha said that notices have been issued to the people in the matter. They have been given two weeks to respond. Col Sanjay Saha said, "We have sent him notice with five specific questions and we are waiting for his answers. However, no response has emerged yet.''

According to the information received, the investigation in the case was initiated after a complaint was lodged by the Enemy Property Protection Struggle Committee last year. But it is not clear how a Muslim person can sell or buy the land which is registered in the name of Ram-Janaki Temple Trust, where the temple once existed.

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