UP BJP's tweet on Farmers protest goes viral!
UP BJP's tweet on Farmers protest goes viral!

Lucknow: Farmers' agitation over three agricultural laws brought by the Centre and guarantee of Minimum Support Price (MSP) has been going on on different borders of Delhi for the past nine months. Now the farmers have announced to surround Lucknow. Recently, Indian Farmers Union (Bhakiu) leader Rakesh Tikait has threatened to surround Lucknow like Delhi. The Uttar Pradesh BJP has reacted sharply to a satire that is now being organically attacked.



Uttar Pradesh BJP's official Twitter handle says 'Brother be a little careful while going to Lucknow...' Shared with the heading, the representation depicts a person with an image like Rakesh Tikait, who has a load of peasant movement on his shoulder. The man who wrote 'Baahubali' says to him, 'Heard you going to Lucknow. Don't screw them, brother. The Yogi sits down and gives a buckle wire and puts up a poster.' This cartoon is being heavily attacked. A Twitter user commented, 'What do you mean, a farmer cannot protest in Lucknow or UP, where Yogi sits.'' You people are trying to take the right of a person to protest, though you know that the Kisan bill is not in favour of farmers. These farmer bills are only for private organizations to make profits.

Many people are calling it an anti-farmer mentality, while many people are praising it. The complimenters say that UP is ruled by Yogi, there is no place for those who create chaos in Uttar Pradesh and provoke people.

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