62 spoons of steel removed from young man's stomach, doctors were also surprised

Lucknow: A shocking case has come to light from the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Here 62 steel spoons have been removed from inside a man's stomach. The man is currently undergoing treatment in the ICU. According to the doctor who performed the operation, the man had been eating spoons for the past about a year.

Speaking to the media, Dr Rakesh Khurana has informed that a 32-year-old patient Vijay was asked if he had eaten these spoons. So the patient said that yes he has eaten these spoons. In fact, 32-year-old Vijay of the Mandsaur area of Muzaffarnagar district had a stomach ache problem. As the pain increased, the family took Vijay to the doctor.

Where the doctor saw the condition as critical and admitted Vijay to the hospital. As his condition deteriorated, doctors operated on Vijay's stomach. In the operation, the doctor was also stunned to see the spoon in the patient's stomach. The doctors removed a spoon from Vijay's stomach one by one in a long operation. When doctors counted the spoons that came out of Vijay's stomach, the number of 62 spoons was stated. The incident is currently going viral on social media and continues to be a topic of discussion among people.   

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