Nadeem and Farman used to tease the sister, minor brother resisted and killed

Lucknow: A sensational case has been reported in the Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place in Siwal Khas, a town in the Janikhurd area. According to media reports, Nadeem and Farman alias Faisal killed the 14-year-old younger brother for opposing the molestation of his sister. It is being told that the robbers first hit the innocent with a belt, then one grabbed his hand and the other cut his neck and killed him in agony.

They then threw the child's severed head and the rest of the body a few miles apart. The police arrested Nadeem and Farman within 24 hours on Sunday (April 17, 2022). According to information, the beheaded body of Anas's son Anish was recovered from a field at Siwal Khanpur Road on Saturday (April 16, 2022). Police also recovered Anas' head from a field near Mauka-e-Hua on Sunday on the trail of the accused. Jani police station in charge Sanjay Verma said, "Anas' elder sister was being molested by two youths from her town of Siwal Khas for several days. Anas had opposed them many times.''

A week ago, the two youths molested the sister standing outside the house, which Anas opposed. Both the youths had threatened to kill Anas by showing him a pistol. Fed up with the molestation three days ago, Anees had sent his daughter to her mother's house in Muradnagar. The next day, the two accused reached Anees' house. When the girl was not at home, the accused asked Anas' elder brother Kaif about his sister. On not telling, the accused assaulted Kaif.  

When this did not convinced, they forcibly took him to Rashid's farm on Siwal Khanpur Road on Friday night when Anas was going out of work. There, the two accused first thrashed him badly with a belt and then asked him for his sister's phone number. On not giving the number, one grabbed his hand from behind and the other cut his neck with a sharp knife and threw his head in Irfan's field located nearby and fled from the spot.

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