3 Muslims arrested in police encounter for smuggling cows

Lucknow: Police action has been seen in the Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. During the encounter, the police arrested four bovines smugglers late at night. A miscreant has also been injured by the police bullet and has been sent to the hospital for treatment. The case is being reported from Kotwali Lambhua.

ASP Vipul Kumar Srivastava has informed that last night Shivgarh police received information from the informer that bovine smugglers were leaving the area. On the basis of this information, the police cordoned them off, then the smugglers opened fire on the police team. In retaliation, smuggler Zabiullah was shot in the leg. He has been sent to CHC for treatment. The other three smugglers Guddu son of Shabbir, Babu son of Anwar, and Mohammed Siraj son of Rafiq have been arrested by the team. All the smugglers are being questioned, the ASP said. Other legal action is also being taken at the police station. He also said that smuggler Zabiullah alias Billa has been accused of cow slaughter acts in the past. His father is also a criminal of cow slaughter and gangster. Other smugglers already have cases of drug trafficking and assault registered against them.

According to the report, bovines were gathered on the main road of Lambhua Kotwali. Late on Tuesday night, a pickup vehicle reached there, from which about half a dozen people got down. Only the driver of the vehicle sat in the vehicle. After which when the people got down from the pickup and caught the bovines, the other bovines started running away. People woke up after this stampede of bovines, so seeing themselves trapped, the smugglers fled with a bovine. After this, a complaint was lodged with the police and the police caught the four smugglers.  

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