Photo posted on social media with pistol, youth arrested from Ghaziabad

Apr 08 2021 11:18 AM
Photo posted on social media with pistol, youth arrested from Ghaziabad

Lucknow: Police in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh have arrested a youth after uploading a photo with a pistol on social media. According to police, the accused youth is fond of photographing and making them viral with illegal weapons, which is why he did so. Ghaziabad police have named the accused Kamal Thakur.

In fact, Kamal Thakur had posted a photo of himself with a pistol on social media which went viral. The picture had also come to the notice of the police after which police of Vijay Nagar police station arrested the accused youth near Vijay Nagar railway gate during a search on April 6. During police interrogation, accused Kamal Thakur said that he is fond of photographing with illegal weapons. That's why he made his photo viral with Gun.

Police are also trying to find out from the accused where he brought the pistol. Tell me the accused Kamal Thakur has been jailed in a case before. He was booked under the Arms Act in 2019. While Kamal Thakur's passion for illegal weapons had earlier put him behind bars, kamal is now behind bars in 2021 for the same hobby once again.

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