Child kidnapped from Agra found in Mathura, Mohsin came as a watchman and...

Lucknow: A two-and-a-half-year-old boy, who went missing from Agra in Uttar Pradesh on November 22, 2022, has been recovered from Mathura. In this case, the police have arrested the accused Mohsin Usmani, a resident of Vrindavan. Mohsin was the one who kidnapped the child and took him to Mathura. Mohsin had hidden the child in a woman's house. He was calling this woman his 'sister'.

According to the report, the police are now ascertaining whether these people are associated with any gang. According to the information, Jai Prakash lives with his wife and two children in Agra's Shahganj area. Here they run the grocery store. On the day of the incident, his son Mayank went missing while playing from outside the house. They asked about the child in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, a shopkeeper said that he has seen that a man was taking the child with him after giving him chocolates. When the family saw the CCTV footage of the spot, they saw a man taking the child in an e-rickshaw. He was wearing a red shirt and a gamcha tied to his head.

On the complaint of the family, the police started searching for the child. The route through which the e-rickshaw left used to lead to the station. So that place was especially searched. The police had sent the pictures of the child to nearby police stations along with social media. The police reached Vrindavan in search of the child. Mohsin was arrested from here. Mohsin told about keeping the child with his 'sister' in Mathura. The police raided this house and recovered the child.

According to the report, the woman, whom Mohsin was claiming to be his sister, told that Mohsin used to live on rent in her neighborhood till a few days ago. Mohsin had left Mayank with her by telling her as his child. It is also being told that in the area of ​​Agra from where the child was kidnapped, Mohsin had come there as a watchman.

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