Hindu girl gang-raped on pretext of treatment, Nadeem made video
Hindu girl gang-raped on pretext of treatment, Nadeem made video

Lucknow: A case of gang rape of a Hindu girl in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly has come to light. In the name of getting treatment from Hakim, Nadeem drugged the young woman in the water and made her unconscious. He then raped her and threatened to make her video viral and then gang-raped her with friends. At the same time, when the Hindu girl opposed it, Nadeem threatened to send her to the flesh trade. A complaint has been lodged against the accused at Police Station Izzatnagar. The police are investigating the case.

According to media reports, the case is from the Izzatnagar area of the city. Where the girl's father has been paralyzed for about five years. A year ago, Nadeem tried to get him treated by a hakim in Pilibhit and got him cured. The Hindu girl believed Nadeem's words and went with him to Pilibhit. However, on the way, near the Mergersham bridge, Nadeem first gave her cold water to drink. After which the victim's head began to hurt. On this, Nadeem also called his friend Israr and on the pretext of the headache medicine, he made the victim unconscious by feeding her a drug.

After which Nadeem raped her and also made an obscene video of her. After this, Nadeem raped her several times in a year by threatening to make the video viral. At 11 pm on July 22 this year, Nadeem came to her house and forcibly dragged her to the farm where Nadeem gang-raped her with Israr. Let me tell you that even after the gang rape, he threatened the young woman, saying that if he complained to the police, he would send her to a prostitute business. Nadeem also threatened to kill the young woman. On this, she lodged a complaint with police station Izzatnagar. A case has been registered against Nadeem, Israr and another person. Police are taking further action in this case.

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