UP Police solved murder mystery of Shaina in Meerut

Meerut: A shocking revelation has been made in the murder of a young woman in Dhabai Nagar area of Lisari Gate in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. The body of the girl was fished out of the tomb after the complaint. An inquiry was conducted and the murder of the woman was confirmed. Police have taken the uncle of the deceased into custody. Other family members are on the run after locking the house. Police are conducting raids to nab them.

Farman, a resident of Dhabai Nagar area, had a love marriage with Shaina, a resident of Shah Jahan Colony. The two had a court marriage with the registrar on May 17. Shaina reached her house after a court marriage. Shaina's love marriage angered her family. A few days later Farman received a report of Shaina's death. Farman was told that Shaina died of corona, but Farman could not believe it. Two days after Shaina's death, it was discovered that her family had strangled her to death. Shaina's family had killed her due to marriage. After which Farman appealed to the meerut SSP for justice in the case. Police registered a case against Shaina's family and fished out Shaina's body from the cemetery on Saturday night and sent her for postmortem.

After the post mortem report came, it was revealed that Shaina's death was not normal, she was strangled to death. Police are also on the lookout for Shaina's absconding family members. An audio in the case has also been handed over to the police, in which Shaina's family is confessing to the murder. At present one of Shaina's uncles is in custody and the rest of the housemates are absconding.

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