Country's first lichen garden gets ready in Uttarakhand's Munsiyari

Jun 29 2020 05:08 PM
Country's first lichen garden gets ready in Uttarakhand's Munsiyari

Everyone loves to roam. Someone with family, someone with partner. But sometimes the fun of traveling is spoiled because the place which is not right. If you want to see the lichen, jhoolaghas found in the mountains or want to get an in-depth knowledge of it, then the Forest Research Center has prepared the country's first lichen garden at Munsiyari in Pithoragarh district. 80 species of lichen are being preserved in this garden spread over one and a half acres. On the other hand, lichen is a low grade Thalophyta type of vegetation, which grows up to a height of five thousand meters on a variety of bases, tree leaves, bark, stems, ancient walls, ground floor, rocks and stones. In the mountains, it is also known as Jhulaghas and stone flowers. Lichen is formed by the association of a kind of algae.

More than 600 species of lichen are found in India, and of these, there are more than 120 species in Munsiyari of Uttarakhand. The flora of the time of dinosaurs was researched by Forest Research Center Haldwani and the research advisory committee has also approved the research. Subsequently, the research center has prepared the country's first lichen garden in Munsiyari to conserve lichen and do other research on it. Soon the research center is preparing to open it to the public, so that the common people can also get all kinds of information about lichen. Lichens are not able to tolerate pollution, hence the level of pollution is determined on the basis of decrease or increase in some place.

Lichen also has the ability to separate minerals by eroding rocks. Due to its dissolution, the surface of the mineral material is formed at that place, which helps other plants to grow. In various places in India lichen is used in food or medicine. In Hyderabad's famous Biryani, it is used for flavor and fragrance in Kannauj's perfumes. Its Ramailina variety prepares suncream and spices. Parmelica is a color and dye made from Asnica species. Lichen is a vegetation of the dinosaur period, which is still on Earth. This vegetation has great importance as well as environmentally. For its protection, the country's first lichen garden has been prepared in Munsiyari.

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