Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit: PM Highlights 'Vocal for Local, Local for Global'
Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit: PM Highlights 'Vocal for Local, Local for Global'

Dehradun: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, inaugurating the Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit, emphasized the need for 'Vocal for Local and Local for Global' as a crucial focus for the country's economic trajectory.

During his address at the summit, PM Modi highlighted India's significant strides in development over recent years. He pointed out the government's initiatives that have uplifted over 13 crore people out of poverty within a span of 5 years, attributing this progress to bolstering the nation's economy. Emphasizing the momentum of India's consumption-based economy, he urged for a collective commitment to 'Vocal for Local and Local for Global.'

Highlighting the developmental thrust in Uttarakhand, PM Modi mentioned rapid progress in the construction of village roads and imminent reductions in travel time between Delhi and Dehradun via the expressway. He underlined the state's burgeoning potential, offering golden opportunities for investors across sectors such as infrastructure, heritage, Ayurveda, and Yoga.

Asserting that the forthcoming decade belongs to Uttarakhand, PM Modi invited stakeholders to partake in the state's journey of development. He expressed confidence in India's ascent to the top three global economies during his tenure as Prime Minister.

Prior to inaugurating the summit, PM Modi conducted a roadshow in Dehradun and visited an exhibition at the venue of the Global Investors Summit 2023.

Outlining his vision for the 'Lakhpati Didi Abhiyan,' an initiative aimed at uplifting two crore rural women to financial prosperity, PM Modi encouraged business leaders to explore local products and fortify the domestic supply chain. Stressing on reducing dependency on foreign nations, he envisioned Uttarakhand as a fertile ground for diverse investment opportunities.

PM Modi highlighted the unique amalgamation of dignity and development in Uttarakhand. He emphasized the importance of policy-driven governance and stability for an aspirational India. Additionally, he proposed a 'Wed in India' movement, urging affluent individuals to consider marrying within the country, akin to the 'Make in India' campaign.

The summit, echoing PM Modi's vision, seeks to harness Uttarakhand's vast potential, inviting investors to contribute to the state's transformative growth."

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