Subramanian Swamy's plea against Chardham Devasthanam Act challenged
Subramanian Swamy's plea against Chardham Devasthanam Act challenged

Describing the Devasthanam Act as correct and lawful, an application has been filed in the Nainital High Court on behalf of the Dehradun, the institution. It has sought the quashing of the petition of BJP MP and former Union Minister Subramanian Swamy challenging the Act. On the petition of Swami, the court had earlier directed the state government to file a reply. Former Union Minister, Rajya Sabha MP and noted advocate Subramanian Swamy challenged the Act by filing a PIL in the High Court. Swamy had cited a Supreme Court order in 2014 terming the act as unconstitutional, stating that the government could not take over the management of the temple.

Apart from this, by filing an application on behalf of the rule institution, the Act has been declared correct. It states that the government has the right to manage the offerings of the temple. This act does not violate anyone's right to religious freedom. This application is expected to be heard soon. Subramanian Swamy filed a petition in the High Court against the Devasthanam Act made by the government on February 24, saying that if the party works against the principles, then it should lead the workers In 2014, he filed a petition in the Supreme Court.

The court had ordered that the government cannot take the temples in its hands, but its financial arrangements can definitely be improved. He had said that the work of the government is not to run temples, mosques, churches etc. The temples should be run by priests and other officials, not the government so that the funds of the temples are not misused. Swami has demanded the repeal of the Devasthanam Act which the state government has enacted for the preservation and development of mythological temples. He said that the government cannot interfere with this.

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