Vaccination is the only way out: Varalaxmi

Jun 14 2021 10:09 AM
Vaccination is the only way out: Varalaxmi

The actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar  has been making entertaining videos to get across COVID-19-related messages and information to people and sharing them on her social media handle. Even as that, and a host of other relief measure activities, keeps her busy,

Like last year, I was helping the migrant workers and I realised that many of us didn’t know how to deal with the situation. There were so many things that baffled us. But last year taught us a lot and prepared us better for the second wave. We know what problems come with a lockdown. Our organisation, Save Sakthi Foundation, started feeding stray animals and we have been continuing to do that through the year, apart from helping out victims of domestic violence and child abuse. We have all understood the seriousness of the disease and hopefully, people will stay at home and take proper precautions while stepping out.

You switch on a news channel and you’ll see deaths and infection and it’s quite depressing. So, the director in me started working and came up with a few videos. I have personally seen so many people who wear the mask either on their chin or neck, or don’t cover their nose and mouth properly with it.  When I spoke to a bunch of people, I figured out they were worried that getting vaccinated may lead to death. But I wanted to clarify that the person they are referring to passed away because of other complications and not because of vaccination. Some people are scared of getting headaches and fever. Even as a child, when we would get vaccinated, it was normal to experience mild body pain and fever. So, why fear that now? 

If all goes well with the vaccination camps, I think we may start shooting again by July-August. I’ve signed seven films in Telugu and I’m looking forward to starting work on them.


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