Vaccine Hesitancy: Most Australians support mandates for COVID Vaccination: Research

Canberra: Australia’s vaccine rollout is moving far more slowly than the government had anticipated, and there is evidence of vaccine hesitancy in a significant part of the population.

Some governments and media outlets are already considering whether mandates will be needed to reach sufficient vaccine coverage.

A survey was conducted by the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Sydney University, where it comes to light that 73 percent of Australians would support a mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for work, study, and travel.

Researchers surveyed 1,200 people and found more people advocating for mandatory vaccination, compared to 66 percent who will take a jab voluntarily. The survey found 25 percent of Australians were unsure about taking the vaccine, while 70 percent were concerned that the jabs may have been developed too quickly.

Just 9 percent would not take a Covid-19 vaccine. The elderly and more affluent were also more likely to say yes to a vaccine. The survey also found that voters for major political parties were significantly more likely to have a vaccine jab than voters for minor parties.

"It's clear from the study that there is wide political support for mandatory vaccination, with the exception of some small pockets against it, and these would appear to link to dissatisfaction with the parties that form the government," lead researcher Katie Attwell from the UWA's School of Social Science said.

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