Varanasi: Man killed due to protest over pour color on his wife

Mar 30 2021 01:27 PM
Varanasi: Man killed due to protest over pour color on his wife

Varansi: The festival of Holi is celebrated every year in Varanasi, UP. By the way, something has happened here recently on the festival of Holi which surprised everyone. Here, the husband was brutally murdered for opposing. The case is being reported from Barai village in Chaubepur. According to reports, there was an argument among the people of the village about the woman being coloured in Holi. After that husband Raju Rajbhar opposed , seeing that a group beat him to death.

During this time, four people were also seriously injured. According to reports, a crowd of about 20-25 people reached the house of a person named Raju Rajbhar after the incident that happened while playing Holi. After that everyone started abusing him. Meanwhile, when Raju asks him the reason for abusing him, people attack him and then beat him mercilessly.

He eventually died. It is being said that four people of Raju's family have also been badly injured during this period. At this time all have been admitted to the hospital of the congregation for treatment. There are also reports that the deceased Raju Rajbhar was a BJP worker and BDC of Barai village. In this case, as soon as the police got the news of his murder, CO Pindra and other police officers immediately reached the spot and said about taking strict action against the accused.

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