VIDEO: Vastu Shastri Chandrashekhar Guruji murdered in hotel

Bengaluru: Chandrasekhar Guruji of 'Saral Vaastu' fame was stabbed to death at a hotel in Hubli, Karnataka, on Tuesday morning. CCTV footage of the incident has also surfaced. It is clearly seen that two persons are stabbing them at the reception of the hotel. Police suspect that Chandrashekhar Guruji had come to meet someone in connection with the business at the resident hotel in the city. After committing the incident, the criminals fled from the spot. Police are searching for the culprits.


According to the police, the Vastu expert, a resident of Bagalkot, had started his career as a contractor. However, later he got a job in Mumbai, where he had settled. Later, he started his own business there. Police also said that three days ago, a child in his family had died in Hubli, due to which he had gone to Hubli. Hubli Police Commissioner Labhlu Ram rushed to the spot as soon as the news of the case was received. He has given necessary directions to his subordinate officers. Police are investigating the case.

The same police are saying that Chandrashekhar Guruji had gone to a hotel where he was stabbed by two persons at a reception. This created a commotion there. People ran here and there. At the same time, the criminals fled from the spot after executing the incident. The video of this case is rapidly going viral on social media.

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