If you are not able to sleep, then follow these Vastu tips

Sep 07 2019 06:00 PM
If you are not able to sleep, then follow these Vastu tips

Nowadays, every third person in the world must have heard saying that there is no deep sleep at night and scary dreams keep coming, somewhere the mind keeps going, the mind is disturbed and restless throughout the night. By the way, many people believe the reason for their work and many people term it as stress.

Along with this, many people consider its cause as a mental disorder or any other physical problem, but sometimes it can also be the reason. Yes, Vastu can be a reason for not getting good sleep. So let us know some such remedies for the object which can help you in getting sound sleep.

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Vastu Tips -

# There should be no source of water above your bedroom because it brings isolation, instability, pessimism in your life. With this, if the house is small due to this, then you should remove this defect by having a falls ceiling in your bedroom.

# Often people keep TV and computer in their bedroom but this is wrong because in reality it is considered defective. For this reason, do not keep electronics in the bedroom.

# It is said that you should never sleep by opening the window behind your head while sleeping because doing so will disturb your sleep. With this, night terrors can also come.

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# It says that the bed should not be placed in the bedroom right in front of the door, because the bed is placed right in front of the door, causing objects. With this, if you cannot change the location of the bed, then put a curtain on the door and sleep.

# It is said that do not put pictures of water, waterfalls or mountains in your bedroom, because doing so will not make you sleepy.

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