Vat Savitri is on June 3, Know about its tradition and Katha here
Vat Savitri is on June 3, Know about its tradition and Katha here

It is said that every year, with the wish of unbroken suhag, by giving suhagin women vats Savitri fast for the new moon of the month. It is said that after worshiping the tree of Banyan on this day, women remember the devi Savitri's renunciation, husband love and husband's fasting religion. It is said that this fast is providing fortune, mischief, sorrow and money to the women, and in this fast, the tree is very important. In this way, many branches in this tree are hanging downwards, which are considered as the Goddess Savitri. Let's know its mythology.

According to the legend of Vat Savitri Vrat - Savitri was the daughter of King Ashwapati. Savitri accepted Satyawan as husband. After serving his blind mother-in-law, Savitri used to go to the woods to take timber with Satabhan. One day, Satyawan got worried while cutting the timber and he got down from the tree and sat down. At that time Yamraj, riding on a buffalo, came to seek Satyawan's life. Savitri recognized her and said- "You do not take my husband's life" In the past, the deity of these deities is Brahma in the root of the tree, Lord Vishnu in the stem and the house of the trident-like Shiva. Therefore, all the desires are completed very soon after worshiping this tree. According to Agni Purana, the banyan shows emissions, so women wanting to attain children also do this fast. Due to its characteristics and long life, this tree has been considered as incorruptible. Goddess Savitri had resurrected her husband only in the shade of the tree. On the basis of this belief, women worship the trees of Vargad on this day to achieve intact suhag. If seen, the message of environmental protection is also received through this festival. The tree will survive and the environment will survive and only then life is possible.

Satyanav- Savitri is being worshiped with Yama Raja - Vat Savitri is the law of worshiping Brahma and Brahmasvittri on Saturdays in the basket of bamboo on the day of fasting and worshiping Satyawan and Savitri in the second basket and sitting under the banyan. Also on this day Yama Raj is also worshiped. Pooja with red clothes, vermilion, floral, intact, roli, moly, bhge gram, fruits and sweets. Spread the roots of the tree with raw milk and water and wrap it seven times in the tree trunk of the tree by wrapping raw cotton or molle. After the worship, the listening and reading of the legend of Satyawan-Savitri should be devoted. By doing so, the invisible obstacles coming to the family are removed, the house is filled with happiness and prosperity.

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