Cyclone ' Vayu ' suddenly changed its course, but crisis still persists

Jun 14 2019 10:02 AM
Cyclone ' Vayu ' suddenly changed its course, but crisis still persists

Ahmedabad: Cyclonic Storm ' Vayu ', a threat to the coastal areas of Gujarat, suddenly changed its course late Wednesday night, but the crisis is not yet complete. The Indian Meteorological Department said on Thursday morning that due to some sudden changes in the sea season, the possibility of the cyclone hitting the coast of Gujarat is now very low. But strong winds and heavy rain could cause damage.

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According to the information, the Gujarat government has ordered the administration to remain on high alert till Friday. The state government has shifted around 3 lakh people from the coastal areas to other places as of Wednesday night, in view of the possibility of cyclone damage. Also, with the closure of all the airports, the trains were suspended.

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At the same stage, the Metrological department had earlier predicted that a very dangerous cyclonic storm air could reach the coastal areas of Gujarat by Thursday afternoon. But the report released by the department on Thursday evening said that it is likely to turn to the north-east direction after a slight advance in the north-west direction of the storm, which is 110 km from Veraval to the south-west side.