Know how to make Vedic Rakhi, a method which will give the strength to your brother to fight all problems

Aug 06 2019 01:46 PM
Know how to make Vedic Rakhi, a method which will give the strength to your brother to fight all problems

There is little time left for the Festival of Rakhi to come. On the day of Rakhi, the sisters should tie Vedic rakhi to the brothers. Yes, if you don't know how to make Vedic Rakhi, let's know today how to make it.

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Vedic Rakhi - The festival of Raksha Bandhan is considered to be the best to celebrate with The Vedic method and is said to celebrate the brother's life as happy and auspicious. At the same time, according to the scriptures, five objects are of special importance to this, from which the Raksha Sutra is made.

These five items include Durva (grass), Akshat(rice), saffron, sandalwood and mustard grains. It is said that these 5 items are tied to silk cloth or sew, then threaded in the kalav and thus you can prepare Vedic rakhi for your brother. Binding this Vedic Rakhi will never cause any distress to your brother.

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Importance of Five Objects -

Durva (grass) – once it is sowed it rapidly rises and in thousands. In the same way, it is also wished that the brother's lineage and virtues grow in it at a faster pace.

Akshat- It is said that the reverence for each other is never mutilated and constantly intact.

Saffron - Saffron is sharp in nature and that is why the rakhi that we are tying is a great wish and the swiftness of spirituality in their lives, never diminishing the sharpness of devotion.

Because of two main reasons we celebrate the festival of Rakhi!

Chandan says that sandalwood has a cool nature and gives a fragrance. Just like that, the brother's life will be cool, never a mental tension.

Mustard grains - Tell you that mustard has an incisive nature, i.e. it indicates that we become sharp in eliminating the evils of society, the thorns. That's why Sarasso's grains are used to keep an eye on the brother and protect him from the evil eye.

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