Veeru Devgan took this step to make his son a star

It was in 1957 when 14-year-old Veeru Devgan ran away from his house in Amritsar to enter Bollywood. Caught Frontier Mail without taking a ticket to go to Bombay. Since he had not had the ticket, so had to stay in jail with friends for a week. When he came out, the city of Bombay and hunger had broken him. Where some friends who came with him broke down and came back to Amritsar. Veeru did not go. They started cleaning taxis. Started working as a carpenter. When some spirits returned, he started visiting the movie studios continuously. He wanted to become an actor. But he soon realized that he had no chance in front of the chocolaty faces who have become actors and stars in Hindi movies.

Veeru himself used to say, "When I saw my face in the mirror, I felt very low compared to other strugglers. That's why I gave up. But I vowed that my first son would become a hero.”

Veeru also worked a lot of hard work and worked hard to make his son Ajay a hero. He was associated with filmmaking, action, etc. from a young age. Since then, all this was done by Ajay's hands. When I went to college, I started dance classes for them. Built a gym at home. Urdu class was held. Horse riding, etc. everything was done. Then he started making him part of the action team of his movies. They started teaching them what the atmosphere of the set is like. Ajay has become very capable of filmmaking because of this.

Veeru Devgan was also an action choreographer in more than 80 Bollywood movies. Ajay was then pursuing college and was assisting part-time Shekhar Kapur in his movie 'Doshhomi'. Till then Ajay had not taken any decision to come to the movies. One evening when he returned home, director Sandesh/Koku Kohli was sitting with his father Veeru Devgan. Veeru had spoken about this that Sandesh is making a film called 'Phool Aur Kaante' and want you to take on it. Ajay's first reaction to this was, "You're crazy, what? Right now I am only 18 years old and enjoying my life. "Ajay refused altogether and left. It was October 1990. And in November the following month, he was shooting for that movie. He got this film in this also this preparation done by Veeru and the status of being his son, who was working.''

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