Soaring vegetable prices across Maharashtra

Mumbai: Rapid weather changes appear to have an impact on vegetable production. In reality, vegetable costs have gone up (Vegetables price surge in Maharashtra). Yes, the price of vegetables in Mumbai has hiked significantly. In the Hingoli area, the price of vegetables has doubled. Many farmers' crops were reportedly ruined by the unseasonal rains, and as a result, the increased prices have provided some respite to the farmers.

Due to less supply of vegetables in the market, farmers are getting the right price for vegetables. However, expensive vegetables have spoiled the budget of the urban common man's house. Let me tell you that now there is no difference between the prices of vegetables and the prices of petrol and diesel in the cities. As per the information received, brinjal is getting Rs.100 per kg in many parts of Maharashtra. On the other hand, tomatoes are priced at Rs.80 per kg. In addition, cabbage is priced Rs.60 per kg and beetroot is priced 80 rupees per kg. On the other hand, chillies are getting Rs.60 and fenugreek rs.70 per kg.

Due to this rising inflation, the change in weather, increase in prices of manure and seeds for vegetables, increase in irrigation costs have been increasing. Let me tell you that a large number of farmers grow vegetables in Hingoli district of Maharashtra, but this time unseasonal rains and floods have destroyed the cultivation of vegetables. Meanwhile, brinjal has been hit the most by inflation, though there are reports that prices of vegetables may rise further in the coming days.

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