Vicky likes Katrina Kaif before coming to Bollywood, is going to get married now

Vicky Kaushal is currently gearing up for a wedding with her upcoming bride Katrina Kaif. The love between the two started very slowly and secretly and now it has come to marriage. However, the public knows everything. Though Katrina and Vicky may have hidden their love, it was already noticed by everyone. Now the love of the two is going to rise. But did you know that Vicky Kaushal was obsessed with Katrina Kaif long before he started his career in acting and loved him?

You won't believe it, but it's true. In fact, Vicky Kaushal himself revealed this in an interview with Katrina Kaif. In the interview, he had said that when he was in acting school, he was asked to perform as a heroine on the camera. At that time, he used to think of the camera as Katrina Kaif and used to perform Katrina Kaif's song Teri Ore with the camera. Vicky had admitted that Katrina was his favourite heroine and he liked her a lot.

Talking about the love between the two, when Katrina Kaif arrived at Koffee with Karan, Karan johar had said on a question that she would like to work with Vicky Kaushal. He was very happy when Karan told Vicky about it. It is said that this is what started their love. Later in the day, Vicky Kaushal's car was visible under Katrina's house and reports of her affair spread all around. But still, the two never said anything and now the two are going to get married.

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