Family tof Peshawar's Army Public convicts approaches court

Feb 14 2020 05:40 PM
Family tof Peshawar's Army Public convicts approaches court

The case of Ehsanullah Ehsan, a former spokesperson of India's neighbor Pakistan's Party (TTP), is getting caught in the jail. The families of the students killed in the terrorist attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar in the year 2014 have requested the Supreme Court Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed to intervene in this case. The family members, in their application, have sought answers from the government in the case of the terrorist escaping from the jail and alleged that the government failed to get them justice.

The family said in their application about this matter, our children were killed in a terrorist attack on the Army Public School. We were shocked to learn that the main accused of the attack, Ehsanullah Ehsan, has escaped from the jail. Has he run himself or has he been released with some conditions. When he accepted the killing of the students and staff of the school, why was he kept alive for three years? Was there any compromise behind it?

For your information, let us tell you that Ehsan released an audiotape after escaping from army custody, in which he is telling that he is now in Turkey with his family after escaping from custody on 11 January. He surrendered under an agreement, but the government later retracted. Ehsan is also accused of attacking Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai.

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