Driver sat the bride and groom in JCB, completely forgetting that he had come to wedding

There is no doubt that the internet world is still full of many funny videos. No one knows when to see or hear here. There are times when videos are seen that make you emotional, and sometimes even videos that no one can control their laughter after watching them. A similar video is currently going viral on different social media platforms. This video is related to the bride and groom, with whom something happens that even you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. This funny video has been viewed thousands of times so far and so far it has been liked by many people.

In this video of a few seconds going viral, you can see guests in the banquet hall waiting for the bride and groom, when the two are seen entering unique style. The bride and groom enter by sitting on the bucket of the JCB machine. Here you can also see that the bride sitting in the bucket greets the guests by shaking hands, but then the bucket faces downwards and both their faces fall down on the table. This video scene is worth watching.

You can see that the unique entry of the bride and groom has completely failed. Seeing both of them falling to the ground, the guests also stand holding their heads.  This video is still going viral fast on social media.



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