5 people hang young man upside down from tree

Bilaspur: A shocking case has come to light from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh where five criminals beat up a man so brutally by hanging him upside down from a tree that he was badly injured. The five criminals have been arrested by the Sipat police. Section 307-34 has been taken against him. Ever since the video of the case went viral, questions have been raised on the law and order situation in the state.  

When the police caught the same five criminals, at the time of interrogation, all of them accused the victim of theft. After this barbaric incident, the video went viral, after which the police arrested everyone in a fit of rage.   

Police officials said that the victim in the case is a resident of the Ratanpur area of Mahaveer Suryavanshi district. He lives in Uchabhatti village in the Sipat area and works as a labourer and a watchman. The police received information that on the intervening night of April 24-25, Manish had allegedly seen Mahavir trying to enter the house. He said Mahavir managed to escape from there due to this, but the next day on Monday, Manish caught hold of him and handed him over to the police accusing him of attempting to steal. Police officials said that Manish did not file a police case against Mahavir then, so the police let him off with a warning. He said that Later, Manish accused Mahavir that on Wednesday night Mahavir again reached his house and damaged his motorcycle parked outside and fled. On Thursday, Manish and four other criminals nabbed Mahavir and allegedly hanged him upside down from a tree near a brick kiln in the village and brutally thrashed him, police officials said.  

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