Birthday: Vidya Sinha married her neighbor, did such a thing after death

Nov 15 2019 12:12 AM
Birthday: Vidya Sinha married her neighbor, did such a thing after death

Today i.e. on November 15, actress Vidya Sinha is celebrating her birthday. Vidya's personal life was full of problems. She had two weddings. Today, on this special occasion, we will try to know the unsolved things related to her life.

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Vidya Sinha fell in love with Venkateswara Iyer, living in her neighborhood. He belonged to a Tamil Brahmin family. Vidya and Venkateswara got married in 1968. After this, in 1989, she adopted a girl named Jahnavi. Vidya's husband Venkateswara Iyer started falling ill. She served her daughter and husband day and night. But Venkateswara Iyer died in 1996 after a long illness. Vidya was shocked by the death of her husband.

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After this, Vidya moved to Sydney where she met Netaji Bhimrao Salunke, an Australian doctor. After some time both of them decided to get married. Both got married in a temple. After this marriage, Vidya started getting very upset. On 9 January 2009, Vidya filed a police complaint against her second husband Netaji Bhimrao, who had accused her husband of physical and mental harassment. Vidya and Netaji Bhimrao were divorced soon after the case. Vidya won the maintenance case after a long battle in court.

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