Do these remedies related to coconut on Dussehra to get rid of debt
Do these remedies related to coconut on Dussehra to get rid of debt

In Hinduism, coconut is used in every auspicious work. Coconut is also called Srifal. 'Sri' means Lakshmi. Ekashi coconut is considered very auspicious. In Hinduism, if you want to buy something new or start a new work, coconut is definitely used. Dussehra is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. On this day, there are some remedies related to coconut, by which you can get rid of debt. Economic remedies will be overcome by doing these measures, Goddess Lakshmi will be pleased.

To get rid of debt, after getting up and taking bath in the morning of Dussehra, take a thread of black color equal to its length and wrap it on top of coconut. After that, worship coconut, after worshiping, throw coconut in flowing water. 

On Dussehra, a coconut, roses, lotus flower garland, one and a half meter pink and white-colored cloth, curd, white-colored sweets, and two Janeu are offered to Goddess Lakshmi. After that, lit the camphor and lamp and perform the aarti of Goddess Lakshmi and chant the Srikankadhara Stotra. This will relieve you of financial problems. The accumulation of wealth will begin in the house. Also, add vermilion in jasmine oil and make a swastika on coconut. Go and offer that coconut in the Hamuman temple. Offer jaggery, gram, and recite the Mangalastotra. This will remove your financial problems. These measures will prove very effective.

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