Violence with 4-year-old girl, speedy trial will run "

Kishanganj: An incident of attempted rape for playing with a four-year-old girl has come to light in Kishanganj Town police station area of ​​Bihar. On the complaint of the girl's mother, the police took quick action and arrested 3 persons including the culprit and sent them to jail. Kishanganj SP said that the criminals would be punished at the earliest by running speedy trials.

According to the news, a 4-year-old girl was playing outside the house with other children in Kishanganj Town police station area, when a 14-year-old boy from the neighborhood took her with him. The criminal started trying to rape the girl by doing obscene acts. After some time he left the child. The girl was crying when she reached home.

When the family questioned her, the girl told the whole thing. After the incident, when the parents of the victim girl complained to the family members of the perpetrator, they quarreled and beat her up. Thereafter, the girl's family members reached Kishanganj police station. A complaint was lodged against the offender and his parents. After the complaint, the police took quick action and arrested the culprit and his parents. Kishanganj SP said that on March 5, the parents of a girl had come to the Kishanganj police station to file a report. Now all criminals will be punished by running speedy trials.

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