'Drunk SRK's son Aryan urinates at airport,' Fact Check of viral video on social media

A video of Shah Rukh's son Aryan is currently going viral on social media. Yes, with this video it is claimed that this is a picture of Aryan Khan urinating at the airport. You must be aware that Aryan Khan was in the news some time ago after being arrested by NCB in a drugs case. Similarly, now there are claims through WhatsApp and Twitter that Aryan is in this video. However, we are going to tell you the truth about this viral video.


In fact, in a viral message with this video on WhatsApp, it is said, "This is the drunk son of the rich father who was in jail only a few days, the media had created such a hue and cry as if there was an emergency in the country. Now, see how it is defaming the country by taking drugs. The video is from the US 2 years ago, where he urinated drunk at the airport. Then it was beaten up by the police. Wow! America makes the Father naked and the son himself becomes naked.''

At the same time, the viral message talks about further sharing of the video to reveal the truth. A similar tweet has been tweeted that says, "Just now this video has been sent by a friend, it is said that the young man in the video is Shah Rukh's son Aryan Khan, and the act took place at an airport in the US. Please tell me more about it.'' The video was also shared by a Twitter handle named 'humlogindia.'

What's true- Yes, the video is not Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan, but Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier. This video is 9 years old.

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