Dangal between two elderly women, watch viral video

Nowadays you can watch a variety of videos on social media that go viral fast and are in the news. Now a video is still a part of the headlines. Yes, in fact, this video is something that has made people lose their senses. The video has a women's fight and that too is not verbal but a hand-to-hand. These women are not even young but elderly. Yes, in fact, a funny video of two elderly women fighting is fast going viral on social media which you can see here.



In this video, two elderly women talk about something and then they pull each other's hair and get down on the knock. You can see this video of the two women fighting shared on Instagram from an account called funnyvideos1377. In a funny response to the video, many have even said that the two women should be sent to WWE. Many people are saying that it is excellent. However, one user commented and wrote, 'Someone has told the truth that women have a lot of strength.'

Another user wrote, 'Wow, both the grannies did wonder. Never seen such a video before.' In this video, you can see an elderly woman approaching another elderly woman. Thereafter, there is a conversation between the two and the verbal battle between the two turns into a scuffle and then the two elderly women start pulling each other's hair. At the same time, the two start knocking each other to the ground and the two women are seen beating each other even after falling to the ground. The video is currently going viral.

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