Woman seen hugging 5 ft long hunter lizard, video goes viral

There are many people in this world who love animals. Now today we are going to introduce you to such a woman and we will surely make you lose consciousness. In fact, the video is from The Rapityl Zoo from where a 5-foot-long hunter lizard video is going viral. The video shows the woman having a wonderful friendship with the monitor lizard and the monitor lizard clings to her as if the woman was her mother.



You can see how strong the bond is between the two in this video. The video has been uploaded by The Rapityl Zoo on Instagram and captioned as 'We love this teddy bear (monitor lizard).' You can see this is a really shocking video. In this video, the woman working in the zoo lovingly holds the lizard in her arms like a child.

The lizard is licking the woman's face as soon as a pet and is having fun on her lap. You can see the scene in this video is shocking. The trend professional woman is seen saying in the video. 'This monitor lizard is our sweetheart, it never bothers us.'

When people saw this video of her, they are sweating and say that this lizard can attack your neck in a second and uproot the meat. Many people are also happy to see the love between a woman and a lizard. In fact, one user wrote in the comment, 'How much does this lizard flirt.' Similarly, more users have responded.

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