Wake Up and Rise -- No More Tired Mornings

We all need a little help to wake up in the morning - for some, a mug of coffee or turning on some great music will do the trick.

But these simple tips can maximize your energy:-

Eat early, healthy and mind the portions

Common reason why people wake up sluggish or tired in the morning is because of heavy eating at night or late eating. The remedy is simple, try to eat a healthy dinner, and make sure you don’t overeat. Allow a gap of atleast 2 hours after your meal, to go to bed.

Step away from the snooze button

If the alarm is right next to you, you’ll hit the snooze button. So put it on the other side of the room. So you’ll have to get up to turn it off. Then get into the habit of going straight for a shower.


Have a glass of water as soon as you wakeup.


Even if its just for 3 minutes, it is a great way to start your day.  It gives you a feeling of peace, and happiness.


Go for a walk, or a run, or do a home work out. Even just 10 minutes will boost that metabolism and keep you feeling refreshed.

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea

Either one of these makes the morning better. Coffee or tea has caffeine which can keep you awake and full of energy, so make sure you get it.

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