Watch, Preity Zinta’s ‘Dimpawali’ with this Bollywood actor
Watch, Preity Zinta’s ‘Dimpawali’ with this Bollywood actor

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali various Bollywood celebrities share the glimpses and photos of their Diwali celebration. One of the most loved actresses of all time Preity Zinta also shared some glimpses of her Diwali. The actress also shared a photo t with actor Abhay Deol flaunting their dimples.


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Abhay Deol celebrated this Diwali with Preity. The actor also shared pictures of them together from their Diwali celebrations. He called it ‘dimpavali’ as the two actors competed with each other in showing off their dimples Abhay Deol sharing the pictures wrote, “It was a ‘who has the deeper dimples’ kinda Diwali. I said I have two. She said she doesn’t need more than one. Damn I wish I was pretty… ‘happy dimpavli’.”

Speaking about their outfit, Preity is seen in a pink saree with sleeve blouse. She paired it with golden earrings and a necklace and also had a tilak on her forehead. Abhay joined her in black to pose for pictures. As soon as it catches the eyes of people. They started commenting on it. One user wrote, “Itney dimple toh dimple Kapadia ke bhi nahi the (Even Dimple Kapadia did not have so many dimples).” Another wrote, “Happy Diwali cutie. Gosh those dimples make me blush.” One more fan wrote, “In very rare cases, the caption is better than the pic #happydimpavli.” A comment also read, “Happy dimple diwali. Guys.” Another comment read, “Haha so cute! ‘happy 

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