Policeman seen feeding amputee money, watch video here

Apr 18 2020 03:55 PM
Policeman seen feeding amputee money, watch video here

Corona has created a stir all over the world. To avoid this, a lockdown is imposed in many countries. Since the lockdown, examples of humanity are being seen in the country. Continuous videos, photos are coming. Somewhere a policeman is feeding food to a hungry person, somewhere the police is arranging for food for birds and unruly animals. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced. In this, the policeman is feeding the monkey. It is visible in this video that the monkey does not have hands.

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In this video, a policeman is sitting in his chair wearing a mask. He is also talking on the phone. Simultaneously, he is also feeding a banana to this hungry destitute monkey. Just like a father feeds his child. He peel the banana, then the monkey starts eating. Then peels a little, then he starts eating.

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This video had received more than 25 thousand views. People are enjoying the video very much.

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