Water for Rs. 3000, a plate of rice for Rs. 7500, starving people at Kabul airport

Kabul: Since the occupation of the terrorist organization Taliban in Afghanistan, everything is changing rapidly in this country. More and more people just want to leave the country somehow. There is only one way out of Afghanistan- Kabul airport. The security here is with American soldiers. There is a crowd of about 2.5 lakh people at Kabul Airport, who want to leave Afghanistan. Alam is that people are dying of hunger and thirst at Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, the big news has come out that the prices of food items and water are touching the sky at the airport. Here a water bottle is being sold for 40 dollars i.e. 3000 rupees. Whereas for a plate of rice, 100 dollars i.e. 7500 rupees have to be paid. Afghan currency is not being taken at the airport to buy water or food. Payments are accepted in dollars only. In such a situation, the problems of Afghans are increasing.

Due to the high prices of food and water, people are forced to stand in the sun with a hungry stomach. Their courage is now started to give up. The body has become weak and they are falling unconscious. In such a situation, the Taliban terrorists, instead of helping the people, are intimidating and beating them. Let us tell you that so far 20 people have died in the chaos outside Kabul Airport.

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