Weather Forecast: Climate change, know how will the weather in your area

Jan 19 2020 05:54 PM
Weather Forecast: Climate change, know how will the weather in your area

The Western Disturbance created in and around the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir of India is now starting to weaken. But the Meteorological Department has said that a new Western Disturbance will be active again from January 20 to 21 due to which snowfall is expected in the mountainous regions of North India and rain in the plains of North Western India. According to the Meteorological Department, after the western disturbances are effective on January 20 and 21, its effect will begin to decrease. During this period, due to this effect, there may be rain in the plains of North India while snowfall in the mountains.

According to the meteorological department on this matter, three western disturbances have occurred in the western Himalayas so far this month. On January 15, the recent Western Disturbance was active in the Himalayan region, which saw snowfall in the mountainous areas and rain in the plains for the past three days. The Meteorological Department has predicted a very dense fog in some areas of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh for the next two to three days. According to the department, dense fog in Uttarakhand, North Rajasthan, North Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar by January 22 can increase the difficulties of people.

For your information, let us know that due to snowfall in Uttarakhand for the last two days, about 300 villages have been cut from the district headquarters, while 350 villages have power failure. Traffic is disrupted on more than 40 roads including Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Snow fell on Mussoorie and Nainital hills on Saturday evening. Snowfall continues in high altitude areas of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri as well as Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Pauri, Pithoragarh, Almora, Bageshwar and Champawat. According to the State Meteorological Center, the weather is going to remain the same till January 21.

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