Video games are banned in this country, such strange things are banned in other countries!

Sep 01 2019 05:08 PM
Video games are banned in this country, such strange things are banned in other countries!

Every country in the world has its own law and standard of living. Every country follows its rules and has to follow the people there. For the benefit of our countrymen, some such restrictions are imposed which may seem strange to the people of other countries. You will be surprised if you know them too. Today we are going to tell you about some such unique restrictions which you will be surprised to know.

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* China: Time Traveling Stories is Ban in Chinese government feels that due to the mythical facts of Time Traveling Stories showed on TV and social media, a wrong image of history is created among the public. For this reason, there is a ban in China on travel traveling stories and films.

* Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia, it is prohibited to celebrate Valentine's day because Valentines Day is believed to violate Muslim views and opinions. However, this ban has not been completely successful. There are also some black markets where Valentine's Day related items are found at very expensive prices.

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* France: According to the French government, French teenagers started consuming more ketchup. Because of which their attachment to French cuisine is becoming less. So the government banned the ketchup in the school cafeteria. There is an exemption in this rule. If children buy french fries, they can take ketchup in small quantities.

* Denmark: Government which does the naming of children has made a new rule. Where the parents could not keep the fancy names of the children, therefore the government here has released a list of 24 thousand names. From which parents can choose any name and keep it for their child. If the parents do not like any of these names, then to get their favorite name, they have to go separately from the government and get legal permission.

* Greece: Video game is banned in Greece. The Greek government has banned playing video games in the entire country since 2002. In Greece, the gambling game business was being encouraged through video games. Therefore, due to this campaign, video games were banned in the entire country. If any person is found playing video games on the computer system in his home, then that person may have to pay a heavy fine along with going to jail.

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