Well, ladies Karan Kundra is not single anymore!

Jun 18 2018 04:15 PM
Well, ladies Karan Kundra is not single anymore!


Well ladies, bad news for you I think you might know it. Most dashing and handsome hunk of telly town Karan Kundra is not single anymore. I think everyone knows it very well that Karan Kundra is dating VJ Anushka Dandekar.

Karan is currently working in the serial Dil hi to hai. Talking about the character Karan says that "He is young, he is successful, he is popular with the ladies. He enjoys himself like any other boy in that category would. It's not like how we have typical heroes in television and stereotype them that if he is nice, he won't ever do XYZ thing. 

"This character is always surrounded by women and he enjoys the fact that he gets the attention. A lot of youngsters will relate with this." 

When Karan asked about his real-life fan following he said that he is not single anymore. "Well, unfortunately, I am not single anymore. I have been there, done that. For any young and successful person, it's a good thing. Like any boy of that age, I have also had my share of fun.

Karan Kundra and Anushka Dhandekar are dating each other and it seems like the duo is very serious about each other and also for their relationship.

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