"kal tak bhai the aaj kasai ban gye ?" Trains full of dead bodies came in the name of 'gift' of freedom

New Delhi:  On August 14, Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb and all brotherhood were torn to shreds. Till yesterday those who lived together in India, and used to call each other brothers, suddenly became thirsty for the blood of brothers. The citizens who had been made refugees in their own country by the bite of the partition of India were inconsolable. Those whose loved ones were killed or separated, who lost their home, business and employment, were in panic. 'Azadi' brought tragedy to a people distraught with the uncertainties of the future. But, in this partition, the Pakistanis got their own country. 


When the father separates the two children in a house partition, they happily part with their belongings. So what was it about the partition of the country, for which the blood of lakhs of people was shed and the bodies of countless women were scratched, children were orphaned and homes were destroyed. He had got what Mohammad Ali Jinnah had demanded, a separate country, of which he would be the prime minister. They could take their people and settle comfortably in a new country with new thinking and new rules. But, when a train full of dead bodies of Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan reached India, people were shocked to see the inside scene, inside there were naked dead bodies of women, mutilated dead bodies with their heads cut off. It was written on the last compartment of this train, 'The gift of freedom to Nehru and Patel'. 

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After this, this series went on, there were never-ending huge convoys, covered in dust, looted and scared of death, migrating to India. What remained was being looted on the way. Trains would leave from Lahore carrying passengers, but only dead bodies would reach Amritsar. There was no count of such trains, on which it was written 'Nehru-Patel ko hamari saugat'. It is necessary to ask a question to those who say that during the partition of India-Pakistan, people from both sides were killed. Will they not retaliate even after seeing the naked dead bodies of their family members? So did the Sikh brothers of Punjab, who saw Amritsar station littered with dead bodies, the bodies of their dead sisters and daughters covered with their turbans. Their blood boiled and then the counterattack started, dead bodies started arriving in trains going from India to Pakistan. 

On the other hand, the situation was worse in Punjab and Sindh, which were part of Pakistan, Rajeev Ghai, State President of Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha and National Vice President of Panchnag Smarak Trust, narrates a very painful scene about what had happened to the people here. They say that the atrocities that happened to our people in Pakistan at the time of partition cannot be described in words. It was the biggest human tragedy in the world at that time. Recalling that time, Ghai says that after drawing the line for partition, it was announced in the part of Pakistan that either read 'Kalma' or leave Pakistan. When people wanted to migrate from Pakistan, genocide started there. Sikhs and Hindus were being hunted down and killed. The pride of their sisters and daughters started being looted. To save their pride, many brave girls and women sacrificed their lives by jumping into the well. Some set themselves on fire. Some parents themselves poisoned their daughters to save them from the mob of savages, some strangled them. Some Sikh fathers beheaded their daughters with swords, by making themselves stonehearted. 

Ghai explains that, where the trains of people going to India stopped, poison was mixed in the water tanks, which killed thousands of people in one go. In that period, such a large number of people died that many did not even get the last rites. The vultures devoured the dead bodies. The terrorists killed the children by hanging them on the tip of the spear. Genitals were tattooed, breasts were cut off, and many such gruesome and hellish tortures were endured by our elders. 

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If people say that people from both sides were killed in the violence that took place during the partition, then it can be called a half-truth. The whole truth is that, if Indians were the ones who attacked, then why was there no violence anywhere else in such a vast India? Were Muslims targeted in India in the same way as Sikhs and Hindus were targeted in Pakistan? The answer is clearly 'no'. When trains full of dead bodies from Pakistan reached Amritsar, then the Sikhs there took up arms, otherwise every person in India had accepted the saw moving on their land, what was the need for them to do violence? 

By the way, Mohammad Ali Jinnah had shown the trailer of this violence in 1946 itself. When Jinnah had announced 'Direct Action Day' i.e. 'Direct Action' while demanding a separate country, Pakistan. Due to the announcement of 'Direct Action' by the Muslim League, there was a lot of bloodshed in Kolkata on 16 August 1946. At that time the Chief Minister of Bengal was Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy of the Muslim League, who announced a mass rally. Leaders of the League made fiery speeches at the rally which infuriated the huge crowd. After this there was large scale bloodshed of Hindus in Calcutta. About 4000 people died on the first day itself. This included heinous crimes such as murder, rape, forced conversion and looting. Some reports also state that, at that time, the Muslim League had distributed weapons in the mosques. And then the massacre was executed in a planned manner. Succumbing to all this bloodshed and communal tension, the Congress ultimately had to accept the partition of the country to quell the violence and anarchy. But what has happened beyond that, the death of one million people, the rape of countless women and the displacement of more than 20 million people who are left with no means of survival?  

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