'Animal sacrifice to be stopped,' a Bengal Muslim is on 72-hour fast on 'Bakrid'

Kolkata: Eid ul Adha 2021 is being celebrated all over the world today. But a 33-year-old Muslim man has decided to celebrate the festival without eating mutton biryani. Altab Hussain, a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, has observed a 72-hour fast on Eid, raising his voice against animal sacrifice. Hussain's fast began on Tuesday night. As usual, Hussain's brother brought a goat to bite on the occasion of Eid, and he was deeply saddened to see it.

Altab Hussain said, 'Cruelty to animals has increased considerably and no one is raising their voice against it. I want to draw people's attention to it, so I've decided to fast for 72 hours.' Let's say that Altab Hussain became a vegetarian worker in 2014. At that time, Hussain had seen a video of the dairy business being brutalized. Since then they stopped eating meat. Not only that, he doesn't even use leather products. Three years ago, Hussain's brother had brought animals to the house for sacrifice, which he somehow saved. But the family still disagrees with Hussain's views, they still feel that sacrifice is necessary.

Hussain says he has been threatened on social media ever since he started talking about cruelty to animals. Many people in the Hindu community are also against him because he is also against the use of dairy products. But there are many people who are in support of them.

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